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Maxxtell Worldwide Inc.


All Your Wireless Needs In One Place


With over 20 years experiance in the wireless industry our expert staff knows what you and your customers need and want. We dont just carry wireless phones and accessories, we carry the hottest trending items that your customers are searching for.

We have done all the research not just to bring you the latest trends but also at the best deals around.


  • Full line of wireless phones and accessories


  • SIM cards from the best carriers


  • Batteries for virtually any phone


  • The most saught after bluetooth speakers & headset


  • Wearables and Smartwatches


  • Cases & Screen Protecters


  • The hottest most desired phones


  • A complete one stop shop for all your wireless needs


So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and start carrying all the latest most saught after trends in the wireless industry.

2438 N Charles St

Baltimore, MD, 21218

Tel: 917-327-3139

Maxxtell Worldwide Inc.




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